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rh USA is an NPI (New Product Introduction) R&D company strategically located in Silicon Valley, at the forefront of technology innovation. Our core mission is to cultivate strong partnerships with customers, enabling them to achieve their goals through the most cutting-edge and innovative solutions. We distinguish ourselves by taking a hands-on approach to deliver results that align with mutual objectives. As a wholly owned subsidiary of rh, one of Israel's largest EMS (Electronics Manufacturing Services) companies, we combine the agility of a boutique firm with the robust support of a corporate foundation. Established in 2004, rh USA has served as a pivotal platform for launching numerous medical devices into production, leveraging our proven expertise in quality management systems.


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At rh USA, quality is paramount. As an FDA-registered site, we are dedicated to ensuring total customer satisfaction through ongoing adherence to regulatory standards. We provide strong leadership, robust management resources, and comprehensive training and support for our employees. rh USA maintains certifications in ISO 9001, ISO 13485, and FDA compliance to uphold our commitment to excellence.

Engineering and R&D

At rh USA, Engineering and R&D Innovation are core values. Our approach to fostering innovation involves proactive identification, understanding, and resolution of potential issues before they manifest. Our highly experienced engineering team specializes in OEM product support, DFM (Design for Manufacturing) and design reviews, and technical issue resolution.

NPI Design and Manufacturing

At rh USA, in a rapidly evolving world where time-to-market is critical, we offer comprehensive NPI (New Product Introduction) design and manufacturing services. From full introduction to production processes and BOM structuring to pre-NPI, prototype, pilot builds, and concept development support, our aim is singular: to expedite our customers' journey to market.

rh USA

Our Strengths

Supporting You Every Step of the Way

We offer tailored after-market services, including a variety of refurbishment and product upgrade programs, all backed by top-tier warranty management. Our commitment is to provide our customers with the best possible service.

Excellence in Manufacturing Solutions

We provide comprehensive manufacturing solutions, covering everything from sub-assembly to full-system manufacturing, including thorough functional and final testing.

Comprehensive Supply Chain Management

We offer complete supply chain management services, supported by both local and global logistics. Our capabilities include flexible supply chain options and a streamlined procurement process, all under one roof.

The Human Touch

At rh USA, we believe in the power of relationships. That's why we cultivate a professional workforce within a family-like atmosphere across our company

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