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Quality is an essential aspect of manufacturing, and it is our obligation to deliver products that meet and exceed our customers' expectations. With decades of experience in manufacturing, we understand that quality is a journey of continuous improvement, and we strive to optimize our processes continually rather than viewing it as a final destination.


It All Begins With Our Employees

At rh group, we believe that our employees are the foundation of our company’s

Their commitment, satisfaction, and alignment with our goals are essential
for us to deliver high-quality products. That’s why we value our employees as an asset that we must nurture and develop continuously.

To achieve this, we invest in our employees by providing factory-wide training, professional courses, practical courses, and knowledge tests. We believe that this investment helps our employees grow both professionally and personally, making
them better equipped to contribute to the company’s success.

What Our Customers Can Expect

At rh group, we prioritize partnership and transparency with our customers. We emphasize quality and reliability, which is why we’ve developed a quality management process aligned with our customer’s needs.
Our Quality Functional Design (QFD) model translates customer requirements into unique quality plans, implemented by dedicated customer quality experts throughout the product development and manufacturing stages.

Rigorous Testing Measure

At rh group, we prioritize excellent quality and service for our customers.
We achieve this through personal service from a project manager who oversees the solution planning and production process, assisted by a customer relation management system.
Our production lines are monitored by a skilled quality team using advanced
testing methodologies.


In addition, rh offers complete (100%) Automatic Optical Inspection: (AOI) and Paste
Inspection and Controlled (POI) at component assembly stage production according
to IPC standards at industrial and aerospace levels.
We also offer computerized
visual sampling tests in accordance with the ISO 2859 standard and ANSI/ ASQC Z1.4 standards.
Additional tests we perform include:

rh is certified to provide the highest levels of quality.
Over the years we’ve accumulated numerous certifications that prove our commitment to quality.


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