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End to End Solutions

At rh, we offer comprehensive solutions to our customers by bringing the entire production chain under a single roof. This allows us to provide a range of production, integration, testing, and packing lines that are specifically tailored to meet our customer's unique products and needs.

Our work process consists of strong foundational tools such as Rapid purchasing which gives us the ability to quickly source and purchase the resources required to get started on your product development.

Our global network of rh sites allows us to work with a global supply chain which ensure we can source the resources we need at lower costs.

Our Extensive engineering services enable Full engineering capabilities able to design and manufacture complex assemblies. Phased prototyping in order to build prototypes for the different phases of the product development cycle which shortens time to market.

Above all else is our commitment to operational excellence. Our team of experts work as a well-oiled machine helping you attain faster time to market with fewer issues along the way providing a Unified project management.

Using the latest cutting-edge technology, we can create whatever our clients can dream up and our vision and growth models will show you how you can scale and grow over time as your product’s demand increase.

One of the key advantages of this approach is that it allows our customers to streamline their production process and reduce costs by eliminating the need for multiple vendors and suppliers. Our integrated approach also ensures that our customers receive a consistent level of quality and service throughout the entire production cycle.

We Provide Simple & clean work process.


PLM (Product Lifecycle Management)

PLM involves the management of all aspects of a product’s journey, from its conception to
its ultimate retirement. At rh we provide full PLM services that allow you to bring your
products to life and help you manage the four phases of PLM.


This is the initial stage of a new product all the way up to introducing your product to the
market. rh can help with the introduction phase by providing DFx, Component Selection and

alternate sourcing, Smart FAI’s, Failure analysis, Rapid NPI, Prototype feedback and Design
for Additive Manufacturing.


During this stage consumers begin to recognize the brand and sales grow. rh helps with
growth by offering Full Vertical Manufacturing, HCHR products specialty, Full Engineering
support, KPI alignment Design Improvements, Alternate sources, Material management,
Availability vs. Liability, Manufacturing, Configuration Distribution and Product


This is when sales will begin to slow down, which often indicates the market has reached
saturation and increases competition. rh can help deal with maturity by implementing cost
reduction, LEAN and 6S product improvement planning, changing management, full vertical
manufacturing, mass specialty production and Smart SC optimization.


Declines usually indicate a drop in sales, reduced revenues, a change in consumer behavior
and fluctuation in demand. rh can help fight decline with EOL Management, NEXT PHASE
Management, After Market Services, MRO and RMA services