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rh's 39-year track record includes diverse expertise serving major OEMs and enterprises worldwide.

rh has acquired a wide range of expertise in diverse industries, catering to some of the world's most prominent OEMs and enterprises as well as promising startups. This has enabled us to incorporate our systems, components, and assemblies into various sectors, either as an integrated part of an OEM's final product or customized to our client’s needs. rh remains committed to making a positive impact and enhancing the world, specifically in fields such as medical equipment, homeland security and aerospace, industrial applications, and consumer devices.


rh Solutions - Impacting and improving the world around us

Medical Equipment

Over the years we’ve specialized in laser and aesthetic medical devices including HMLV and LMHV capabilities.
Our design strategy prioritizes improved usability, minimizes user errors, and offers enhanced compliance.
We integrate cutting-edge technologies, such as high- quality sensors and optics, to meet patient and clinical needs.
rh also offers an FDA approved site for producing medical devices in the US to our customers as well as registration and regulation tools for medical devices.

Industrial Applications

rh is a leading EMS provider for technologically advanced industrial products, offering design and contract manufacturing services for enclosures, machining, welded frames, HLS and PCBs.
We provide end-to-end services, including product design, industrialization, and global manufacturing.
We specialize in many industrial areas including Semiconductor assembly, expertise in robotics, capital equipment, green tech for water and agricultural systems, and clean energy including solar and alternative energy systems.

Homeland Security and Aerospace

rh is a worldwide provider for manufacturing a diverse range of cutting-edge products, including enclosures, PCBs, cables, and electronics for critical applications.
Our expertise has earned us the trust of top-tier aerospace and defense firms for delivering top-quality solutions such as Manual and automated military grade PCB design, manufacturing and assembly lines, Dedicated SMT lines for the defense industry and a unique HASS chamber, a defense manufacturing site approved by the Israeli government as well as Full turnkey systems including metal works for defensive purposes.

Digital & 3D Printing

rh has the facilities and services to mass produce a wide variety of large-scale digital printing products.
Our skilled team offers in-house departments, and our metal sheet abilities allow us to provide a full solution for all your production needs.
This allows us to get products to market much quicker for our customers.