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At r-metal, our expertise lies in the production of advanced cases and kit parts.
Our comprehensive manufacturing process encompasses all stages. We begin our process by designing products in a CAD environment to ensure precision and accuracy.
We then move on to designing the metal sheeting, followed by welding, coating, painting, and printing.
Each of which is executed with utmost care and proficiency.
At r-metal, we take pride in delivering products that meet the special needs and high standards of our customers.

Our Vision

r-metal strives to fulfill the needs and demands of our customers throughout the product development and industrial manufacturing process.
We offer a comprehensive range of services, which encompass all production phases.
Our unwavering commitment to quality is reflected in our outstanding performance across all aspects of production.
We aim to deliver excellence in every sphere, and to that end, r-metal Kits adheres to the stringent standards outlined in ISO 9001.

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Our Services


r-metal offers professional engineering and design services to ensure all our products are of the highest quality.
One comprehensive ERP system is connected to the rh group network for efficient supply chain and logistics management.

Immediate Execution

In today's reality, where there is challenging competition and a requirement to meet strict requirements in short Delivery time. We have developed an innovative service based on the QRM theory.
This service activates our professional team, our advanced production resources and the commitment of our subcontractors, to provide a unique response to companies that need a professional and fast response. Ask us about this service!

Knowledge and experience

r-metal has years of accumulated knowledge with lasers, copper, and metal welding for manufacturing durable product.
With an inhouse painting department that provides high- quality finishes and aesthetic appeal.
Our teams are experts in complex mechanical assembly, ensuring that all components are assembled correctly and efficiently every time.

HLS services

High-level synthesis (HLS) is cutting-edge technology that helps to convert a hardware's behavioral description into an RTL model.
This process is an essential part of the electronic system level (ESL) design flow.
HLS allows hardware designers to build and verify hardware more efficiently by providing them with greater control over the optimization of their design architecture.
r-metal specializes in HLS and uses state of the art equipment to accomplish this.

r-metal Kits

Our Services

State-of-the-art equipment

At r-metal Kits, we employ cutting-edge machinery and tools to ensure that our products meet the highest quality standards while remaining cost-effective.
As proof of our dedication to quality, we are certified ISO 9001, and our quality assurance department is equipped with state-of-the-art inspection and measurement tools.

Our team of engineers

Our team of skilled engineers utilizes an array of computerized programs to effectively translate blueprints and drawings into computerized and hydraulic bending machines.
To ensure seamless integration and streamlined production, our computerized equipment is connected online to the CAD computers housed in our engineering department.

Our products are the result of the expertise of our highly skilled staff. They are backed by a team of qualified engineers, technicians, and CAD/CAM programmers who provide essential support throughout the production process.

High-quality materials

We source all our raw materials, including steel sheets, screws, and fasteners, from ISO 9001-qualified suppliers who provide a traceability report (COC).
To maintain our commitment to quality, our quality control department meticulously examines all materials before incorporating them into the production process.

Quality Control

At r-metals Kits, quality control is a responsibility shared by every worker at every station.
We undertake constant random inspections throughout the production process.
All our products undergo final quality assessment before delivery.
We use appropriate measurement tools, including a computerized CNC-XYZ machine to ensure strict adherence to our customers’ specific requirements.

r-metal Kits

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